Universal Operating System

We at Planet Earth believe that technology users worldwide would like to have a new, simple-to-use operating system--an operating system that always works properly, an operating system that works seamlessly with any device or file, and an operating system that always provides for their every computing, communication, and cyber-based need including cyber security and cyber privacy.

Planet Earth Inc.’s soon to be available Universal Operating System™, uOS™, easily accomplishes all of the above and much more.

Our simple yet very powerful Universal Operating System is a truly universal operating system that is designed to be used as the primary operating system for almost any computing device, communication device, or technologically-interconnected device.  The Universal Operating System also allows you to have seamless remote use of any computing or cyber programming, applications, files, or information. 

Additionally, the Universal Operating System provides the programming for all of the cyber security, cyber identification, and access functions for your Personal Cyber Center™ and for your technologically interconnected devices. 

The Universal Operating System achieves never-before-attained high levels of cyber security and privacy by requiring that your Personal Cyber Center always uses Planet Earth’s 100% Accurate Cyber Identification Process™ to establish your identity prior to granting you access to the resources of your own Personal Cyber Center.  Use of this identification process also ensures that absolutely no other person may ever gain access by impersonating you.

In order to provide you with the highest attainable levels of cyber security and privacy, the Universal Operating System also re-configures the operations of your PC-turned-Personal Cyber Center so that it has separate processing, support, and management for your personal and private cyber activities and resources.  And, it also has completely separate and different processing, support, and management for your cyber activities with others.  This feature of your Personal Cyber Center, working in combination with 100% accurate cyber identification, will provide you with absolute security and privacy for all of your own personal and private cyber information, resources, and activities.   

The Universal Operating System can use your own personal and private information to predict and then be prepared to provide for your cyber-based needs and desires.  For instance, if it predicts that you will soon be driving your usual route to work, it can check to see if there are any traffic problems on the way that you would like to know about.

The Universal Operating System makes it possible for you to securely and privately supply your own personal and private information to any Ultimate Database™ so that the database might use the information to provide you with the very best choice of its resources.  Imagine how wonderful it will be to receive the best choice of resource every time you search an Ultimate Database.

The Universal Operating System also provides you with exclusive, secure, and private access to, and interaction with, your own technologically-interconnected devices.  And, through use of 100% accurate remote cyber identification, you can be assured that you and you alone will always have exclusive access to, and control of, your own technologically-interconnected devices. 

The Universal Operating System, through its use of 100% accurate cyber identification of others, provides you with the ability to have 100% accurate control over whom, if anyone, you grant public access to all, or any part of your cyber resources and information. 

The Universal Operating System is designed to be very easy to use, so, your Personal Cyber Center can be completely voice-driven.  You will simply tell your Personal Cyber Center what you want and it will deliver the cyber resource you request. This is similar to asking a Genie in a bottle to grant you a request, and, poof, your request is granted.  The Universal Operating System also makes it possible for you to interact with your remotely located Personal Cyber Center using a mouse, or a touch screen, or a keyboard, or digital tablet functions.

The Universal Operating System has extensive diagnostic and repair capabilities that automatically identify, diagnose, and repair programming malfunctions.  The Universal Operating System also identifies, diagnoses, and reports device-related problems.

Worldwide use of only one, single, full-featured operating system provides the best computing, communications, cyber, and technologically-interconnected device environment we could ever hope to have. 

Using Planet Earth's Universal Operating System, any cyber or computing resource that is now available only through your use of a computer will soon be available through your secure and private use of any Cyber Portal from any place on the planet.

Welcome to the future!