MovementMetric Identification™

Finally, Real Cyber Security!

Imagine what it would be like to live in a world with no passwords, no hacking, and no identity theft.

Soon you will have the option to replace your collection of passwords with MovementMetric™ Identification, and by doing so, no one will ever be able to hack any of your cyber-based resources or steal your identity.

MovementMetric Identification is a patented next generation biometric identification process that provides 100% accurate identity determinations whenever you wink, wiggle your finger, walk, or move in any other way in front of a camera. How’s that for simple and easy to use?

Hi, I’m Jeff Aronson, an inventor and the President and CEO of Planet Earth Inc. I’d like to share a few of my thoughts on identity and cyber security.

  1. The reason we have cyber security problems is because we mindlessly unlock access to our cyber–based information and resources using keys that can easily be shared, copied or hacked. Why do we do this? It’s because we’ve been taught to use keys such as passwords, pin numbers, answers to questions, fingerprints and so on.
  2. The cyber security keys we use today fail to protect our cyber-based information, resources, and identity. If we quit using all the keys that have failed us so miserably, and replace them with keys that can never be shared, copied or hacked, then no one else can ever steal our cyber-based information and resources.
  3. Every person on the planet has his or her own unique set of biological “markers” or characteristics that almost any camera, microphone, or sensor can observe. Luckily, thousands of these unique characteristics are also absolutely impossible for anyone else or any machine to hack or copy and use.
  4. Any of thousands of your own unique biological characteristics can be a key that you alone can use to unlock access to your own cyber-based information and resources.

The Bottom Line:
You should quit using cyber locks that anyone else can open with a shared, copied or hacked key!

Now that you have an understanding of a few identity and cyber security basics, I’d like to introduce you to MovementMetric™ Identification, one of the many next generation biometric identification processes from my recently patented “Full Spectrum Cyber Identification Determination Process.”

MovementMetric Identification analyzes and compares any one or more of the unique biological characteristics that occur with the movement of any particular person. Every person has thousands of these unique biological characteristics that are absolutely impossible to share or copy.

Here’s an example of one of the unique biological characteristics the process could use:

  • Take a look at the patterns of the wrinkles at the middle knuckles of your fingers.
  • Now, watch the changes that occur in the patterns of those wrinkles as you slowly open and close your fingers.
  • The patterns you observe are absolutely unique to you and can never be copied and used by any other person or any machine. Also, you can open and close your fingers any number of times in the same way and those patterns will always be the same.
  • This is only ONE of the many unique biological characteristics that MovementMetric Identification can use to ensure accurate identification and total control of access to your cyber-based information and resources.

One day soon you will make payments by swiping your bankcard or credit card and then opening and closing one of your fingers in front of the tiny video camera that’s part of the card reader. Using MovementMetric Identification, the camera’s observation of the opening and closing of your finger will be used to accurately identify you, and you alone, as the exact person to whom the card was issued.

System-wide use of MovementMetric Identification will inevitably result in a welcome and abrupt end to bankcard and credit card fraud.

MovementMetric Identification uses ANY of your unique biological characteristics that a camera, microphone or sensor can observe. Using such a broad range of observations enables the process to accurately determine your identity, even when you are not playing a conscious role in the process.

Utilizing MovementMetric Identification, a simple wiggle, wink or walk in front of a camera can easily become the only key that will ever unlock access to your cyber-based information and resources.

MovementMetric™ Identification--a game-changing innovation whose time has come.

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