Cyber Portal

Planet Earth Inc.’s Cyber Portal™ - “Cy-Port™” is a breakthrough innovation that may well be the most useful device you will use in your lifetime.

You may use any Cyber Portal to securely and privately access your own remotely located Personal Cyber Center™ from just about anywhere on the planet. 

Through use of 100% Accurate Remote Cyber Identification™ you will soon have absolutely secure and private remote access to, and use of, your own personal and private computing and cyber resources. 

Your remotely located Personal Cyber Center provides for all of your processing, storage, access, security, and management needs, so that Cyber Portals do not have to provide any of these functions.  Therefore, any Cyber Portal only needs to perform the operational functions that provide you with an image output, an audio output, and means to communicate and interact with your remotely located Personal Cyber Center.

A typical Cyber Portal will have one or more image display screens, an audio output, a camera, a microphone, means for interaction with an image on a display screen, and means to communicate with your remotely located Personal Cyber Center. 

Your Personal Cyber Center provides for voice-driven use of all of its resources, so . . .  it will not be necessary for a Cyber Portal to provide you with a keyboard or other means for manual interaction with your remotely located Personal Cyber Center. 

Planet Earth’s Universal Operating System is designed to be easily installed as either an application or as a full operating system in many current Smart phones, laptops, and tablets, thereby reconfiguring them so they can be used as Cyber Portals. 

Your television sets and computer monitors can easily be converted into Cyber Portals by simply using them in conjunction with a Planet Earth Cyber Portal Conversion Box™.  This device would be installed in a manner that is similar to the way we install television cable conversion boxes. 

Once you have connected your television or computer monitor to a Cyber Portal Conversion Box, your previous television or computer-monitor-turned-Cyber Portal will now provide you with all of the vast interactive resources that are available through your own remotely located Personal Cyber Center. 

New devices will be specifically designed to be as-thin-as-they-can-possibly-be Cyber Portals for mobile use.  The smallest of the mobile Cyber Portals could be similar to a common wristwatch. 

A mobile Cyber Portal could be similar in size and shape to a Smart phone, but, it can be an as-thin-as-it-can-possibly-be device that primarily relies upon the processing, management, and storage resources of your remotely located Personal Cyber Center.  So, a Cyber Portal that looks similar to a current Smart phone will not only provide you with the vast new resources that are available through your remotely located Personal Cyber Center, but, it will also do so using far less on-board resources than what are used by current Smart phones. 

You may choose to have a Cyber Portal that you always use as your dedicated mobile communication device. Your own personal mobile Cyber Portal could easily be configured for use as your personal health monitoring device as well.  And, your personal mobile Cyber Portal may also be used as a secure and private communication link between any technologically-interconnected device and your Personal Cyber Center. 

Our favorite configuration for a mobile Cyber Portal is a two-screened version that is hinged together in the middle like a book in portrait orientation. This single device can easily be configured to be used as a fully interactive folding book/magazine, a laptop, a half-tablet, a full tablet, a monitor, or a television.

There will also be new stationary full-functioning Cyber Portals. These devices could range in size from the smallest usable image display device to the largest available display device that you would care to have.   

Cyber Portals will soon be the exciting point where you and vast technologically-interconnected resources come together. 

Welcome to the future!